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Today Campaign

Integrated Marketing Campaign

When faced with a daunting challenge, many people respond by saying, “oh, save the world? I’ll get to that tomorrow.” Park&Co understood that asking the public to help turn around something as dire as Arizona’s education record wouldn’t be an overnight proposition. The Today Campaign for Expect More Arizona slowed the pace by offering daily, actionable ideas that every adult in the state can do to help support EMA’s mission for world-class education in Arizona.

We used our content development expertise to create a new site,, that features a fresh idea for every day on the calendar. We also extended the Today campaign into social media, partnered with local businesses, created collateral pieces and developed bold word-of-mouth and PR ideas that made the Today campaign a part of Arizonans’ daily routines. Visit

A video for Today, and every day after.

Arizona has a proud history. This campaign video shows how education can be a prominent part of the state's future.

Today Campaign Wall

Arts & Culture

We developed a word-of-mouth execution for Expect More Arizona that gets parents and their kids out of the house and exploring some of Arizona’s greatest educational (yet fun) destinations. Students can fill out custom worksheets covering facts about where they are and earn free admission to another location, proving that there’s always a place for education.

Today Activity Landing Page

It’s extremely difficult to encourage urgency with a positive tone, but that’s exactly what we asked of Park&Co. They not only delivered, but they conceived our most effective campaign to date. provides Arizonans with one simple action they can do every day to support teachers and students, making the enormous task of providing world-class education to all Arizona students something we can each be a part of achieving together.

Jeff Goodman, Director of Marketing & Digital Engagement
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